Knitwear Wardrobe Tips

For Fall/Winter, one thing that should be present in your wardrobe is knitwear. Sweaters, cardigans, knit vests, knit layers, and even knit skirts & pants are the backbones of a strategically curated fashion closet. All things made of wool, cashmere, mohair, and other cozy fibers are the main course on our menu!

Must-Have Knits

Knitwear essentials include monochromes that are either fine-knit or beautifully patterned with classic motifs. A cable-knit sweater is a classic. A sleek turtleneck sweater in taupe, grey, or black is the foundation of your winter looks. You can wear it around the city with tailored ensembles or layer it under chunkier tops for a mountain getaway. Light cashmere or merino wool knits are your perfect travel companions when you want to pack light and get only a carry-on. For a flight, you might also need a sweater vest or top you can throw on if you feel cold. Jacquard sweaters and cardis in old-school motifs such as plaid, houndstooth, and stripes infuse your urban outfits with a heritage element. Various checkered knits are must-haves too.

In terms of silhouettes, you need both oversized and fitted styles. A roomy cardigan is perfect for layering; it feels like a blanket. A fitted cardigan or knit bolero is something you can wear to cover your shoulders in winter if you opt for a strapless or sleeveless dress/top. It’s ultra-chic and flirty. An oversized sweater is also very comfortable, acting like a shield in low temperatures. Ladies love to wear it with skinny jeans for a modern sartorial twist. A slim-fit sweater, especially a ribbed-knit turtleneck, can be tucked into your high-waist pants and get us style-wise back to the glorious 70s. Sweaters with little or no ribbed edges feel slouchy in a modern sense. Sweaters with some sort of fluidity or slouchiness are coveted.

Winter Showstoppers

On the other side of the spectrum, you will find statement knitwear in attention-getting designs. Many of them come with cute motifs, such as those in signature Alice + Olivia cardigans. They are colorful, playful, and filled with story-telling motifs. They often feature girly embroidered or intarsia patterns, including logos and slogans. Even when featuring simpler visuals, the color combos are too bold to ignore. In other words, these are fashionistas’ favorites. They style them for fashion events knowing that these are the ultimate conversation starters! Designers use their imagination to create fun jacquard sweaters with themes borrowed from cartoons, fairytales, and pop culture. A statement knit is a way to get out of your comfort zone. Most of them are daring but also sophisticated, so why not?

Glamorous knitwear can also be part of your agenda, especially during the holiday season. Accented with pearls, rhinestones, lace trims, and other embellishments, they can be styled as eveningwear or partywear. Also, in a creative world of fusion and freedom of expression, these fancy sweaters can be your day-to-evening fashion stunners. They elevate your jeans in the morning and blend well with a glam skirt for a night out. With leather leggings and high heels, they are your wow factor for a dinner date look. Some of these knits are detailed with embroidery and appliques, especially floral motifs, for a romantic outfit. Fashionable knitwear is a way to transition from the loungewear of the pandemic era to the eveningwear and special-occasion fashion we rock today!

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