Summer 2023 with Bright Colors

As we welcome the blissful rays of Summer 2023, we're also celebrating the return of bold and vibrant hues. This year's all about embracing the brightest colors on the spectrum, turning the streets into a kaleidoscopic catwalk of brilliant fashion moments. From neon green to fiery red, these eye-popping shades are redefining summer fashion.

Their Why & How

Bright colors have always had a special place in our hearts, particularly during the warmer months. It's about more than just aesthetics. The joy and vibrancy these colors exude reflect the positivity and high energy that summer embodies. Navigating the summer social calendar can be a breeze with bright colors. For weddings, a vibrant, flowy dress in rich magenta or royal blue paired with gold accessories makes a striking impression. For pool parties, opt for a neon swimsuit paired with a bright, oversized hat, turning heads with your daring yet chic style. Seaside dinners call for cool hues, so consider a turquoise or coral maxi dress that echoes the colors of the beach. Now, how do these shades work on different skin tones and body types? It's important to remember that everyone can rock bright colors.

It's all about finding the right shade and tone that enhances your natural coloring. For instance, if you have a warm undertone, you might opt for bright yellows, oranges, or reds. Conversely, those with cool undertones can explore blues, greens, and purples. When it comes to body types, bright colors can be used strategically to accentuate or downplay certain areas. For instance, wearing a bright top can draw attention to the upper body, while a vibrant skirt or pair of pants can highlight the lower body. For those with different hair colors, vibrant shades can be chosen to complement or contrast. Blondes might lean into bold blues or pinks, brunettes may opt for fiery reds or oranges, while redheads can play up their hair with emerald greens or royal purples.

Styling Bold Hues

Now, let's talk about styling. Bright colors can be intimidating, but with the right approach, you can create fashion-forward looks that are chic, not shocking. For starters, don't shy away from color- blocking. This approach involves pairing two or more contrasting colors to make a bold statement. This summer, try a neon green top with electric blue shorts or a hot pink dress with a bold yellow bag. It's playful, modern, and definitely attention-grabbing. If head-to-toe brights feel a bit much, consider pairing them with neutrals. A bright tangerine blouse can be toned down with a pair of beige linen trousers, or a neon skirt can be balanced with a simple white tee. The bright piece becomes the focal point, and the neutral elements provide a calming balance.

Monochrome looks are another fantastic way to wear brights. Dressing head-to-toe in a single bright color, such as cobalt blue or vibrant pink, creates a streamlined, sophisticated look that's incredibly impactful. Finally, don't be afraid to mix bright monochromes with prints, or even combine different prints. Pair a neon green dress with a floral jacket, or clash a bright striped top with a pair of polka dot shorts. The key to mixing prints is to ensure there's a unifying color to bring the outfit together. The bright colors trend of Summer 2023 offers endless possibilities to express your creativity and personality. Whether you prefer color-blocking, toning down with neutrals, or playing with prints, there's no limit to what you can achieve with these vibrant shades.

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