Light Coats & Jackets

Transitional weather means that it’s neither winter nor summer, and, in this case, you need to have light layers that protect you from the breeze, rain, or other unexpected condition. Windbreakers, lightly- padded puffers, trenchcoats, parkas, raincoats, shell jackets, light jacquard coats, and other pieces of springtime outerwear are here for you!

Elegant & Timeless

Light layers include those classics you never get rid of because they are neutrals and stunning with everything. They come in beige, white, black, navy, or grey and pair easily with prints and monochromes. Think of a stylish trench coat, a nude shell jacket, a light wool coat in white, or timeless motifs such as florals, polka dots, and signature plaids. On a windy day, you can throw your light jacket over your office look or morning essentials, polishing it all together. On a breezy evening, you can style a light coat over a flowy dress or a silk blouse & skirt. Tailored outerwear silhouettes with a double- breasted or open front are of the moment. Roomy styles with exaggerated shoulders, billowy sleeves, or statement pockets are trending too.

Along with what’s new in design, stay loyal to outerwear that comes in accordance with an androgynous look. Borrowed-from-the-men’s layers are super hot right now. You can style them with a button-down, a slim necktie, and wide-leg pants. Military-inspired options with epaulets and cuff tubs will be cool for a getaway or weekend outing. Brocade and satin coats with peak lapels elevate your evening look. Maxi styles are dramatic and elegant. Flap and welt pockets arranged to perfection with references to a classic era are the details you are after. Crest buttons, exquisite lining, back vents, and strategically placed seaming & darting celebrate the art of tailoring. These are investment pieces you will use a lot and cherish forever. Welcome spring with unique wardrobe staples!

Fashionable & Sporty

Still, spring is the time of rejuvenation and blooming, so crazy colors and fun motifs are part of the mood board. Graphic prints, fun embellishments, neons, and other bold hues are feel-good and statement- making. In terms of aesthetics, think avant-garde with asymmetric lines, oversized elements, unconventional details, branded hardware, and anything unexpected. Sporty vibes are definitely taking over, as you can mix & match these jackets with your new leggings, designer sneakers, and cool T-shirts. Athleisure is one of the directions in outerwear this season, while at the same time, you will find coats that are ahead of the curve but also fit your day-to-evening needs. Drawstring accents, side stripes, logos, rock & roll details, and things that are eye-catching and memorable make for the pieces that upgrade your styling.

If you need to invest in outerwear, opt for great varsity or bomber jackets, light biker leather jackets, quilted coats, roomy blazers, hybrid silhouettes by inventive designers, luxuriously decorated trenchcoats, vests, and “shackets,” which is the combination of a shirt and a jacket, quite trendy in cities like NY! These are the pieces that make the look right now. Glam details like jewel buttons, trimmings, and even rhinestone embellishments take your outerwear to the next level. Light jackets and coats are essentials in your wardrobe. Every springtime, you need them, and it is better for you to nail style and comfort simultaneously. Back in the day, beautiful coats that matched a dress or skirt ensemble were must-haves for an elegant lady. Let’s revive that trend with a modern twist!

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